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As a tradition, every year it is celebrated the Carnival, a manifestation that for two weekends is characterised by disguised parades, music and lots of amusement in the villages of Val Nure and Val Chero (Gropparello, San Giorgio, Vigolzone, Podenzano and Carpaneto).

The initiative, one of the most important between all the ones that take place during the Carnival in the province of Piacenza, it’s the outcome of a great commitment that involves public institutions, associations and groups of inhabitants.

The Carnival is promoted by the Val Chero and Val Nure Union with the contribution of Piacenza’s Bank and organised by the Pro Locos of Podenzano, San Giorgio and Carpaneto, that work together in order to achieve the initiative’s success.

Many are the Carnival floats and the disguised groups that parade through the streets of the 5 villages, accompanied by the exhibitions of the “Giubbe Rosse” band and by the Folkloristic musical group “La Coppa” of Carpaneto.

Cheering the Carnival of children and grown-ups there are also fritters and Mardi Gras fritters prepared by the Pro Loco.  


(Translated by Laura Fugazzi)

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