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The Giancarlo Perini’s Granfondo, known until the last edition as the Coppa Piacentina DOP Granfondo, returns every year at the begin of April. The Emilian cycling manifestation became a classic appointment for all the pedal’s enthusiasts.

The Emilian Granfondo, in addition to the change of the name, in 2017 became part of the “Giro delle Regioni” (Regions’ Tour) and of the new Cisalpine Cup.

At the lead of the organisation there’s – as always – Giancarlo Perini, the heart and soul of the sport of Piacenza, that everyone remembers with Gianni Bugno in the victory at the World Cup of Benidorm in 1922 and with Claudio Chiappucci, guaranteed guest of the Granfondo, during many of his triumphs.

The scheduled itineraries in the Giancarlo Perini’s Granfondo are three: the Granfondo, from 124,5 km and more than 2500 metres of difference in altitude, the Mediofondo, from 95 km and almost 1600 metres of difference in altitude and the Corto, from 59 km with 950 metres of difference in altitude.

The “Go!” is given at 10 am at the municipal sports centre in San Lazzaro street, in Carpaneto. The cyclists, after the first 2 km of controlled pace, access a sloping ground of 10 km that leads them to deal with the first hill of the day. We are talking of 19 km, with not impossible slopes, that lead to Prato Barbieri. Later, the cyclists will pass the descent until San Michele, where they’ll find the first crossroad of the day. Here it will be chosen the itinerary: the shorter that’ll continue with a few kms in descent and will take them to the finish line of San Lazzaro Street, not before traversing the last 15 km on level ground.

The Mediofondo and Granfondo, right after the crossroad, will deal with the “Cà delle donne” sprint proceeding, after the hill, to the Val D’Arda. The Mediofondo itinerary traverses it for about 20 km until Lugagnano, while the Granfondo itinerary after about 12 km will turn right to face the Castelletto hill. Once the hilly landscape is overtaken the cyclists are going to face the long descent that will lead them in the middle of Stirone Park. Another series of small rises – in order: ascent to Baroni locality, Villa rise and the Botteghino sprint. Once this last difficulty is overtaken, through a slightly rising street, the cyclists will get to Lugagnano, where the two itineraries will reconnect to face the last difficulties; at first Vincini’s climb and later Costa di Rustigazzo’s one. At this point the participants are going to find something new from the previous editions: instead of proceeding on level ground towards the finish line, they’ll have to face a sprint called “Stretto della Siberia” of about 800 metres that, at a few kms from the finish line, might be a springboard for the bravest ones.

In the adjacent sports arena take place the final Pasta party and the prizegiving, where there’s the triumph of the enogastronomic local products.

The registrations are open, following the modalities described in the specific section of the manifestation’s website. The registration fee is of 30€, valid until the 30th of March. The society with at least 10 members that will present the cumulative registration within the given date will have to pay 27€ per athlete instead.

All the information about Giancarlo Perini’s Granfondo are available on the official website of the event (


(Translated by Laura Fugazzi)

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