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Festassieme, the famous celebration that every year AGE (Carpaneto’s Parents Association) organises to celebrate the concept of family and to offer recreation and socialisation’s occasions for Carpaneto’s inhabitants. Through the years AGE became a real point of reference for the family units of the town because, as we all know, being a father or a mother is a profession that you can’t learn in a school but together is possible to improve.

Festassieme is an important event for Carpaneto; not by chance it is chosen by the town’s schools for recitals that mark the end of the scholastic year.

The schedule is always full of appointments. The youngest inaugurate the event, then there’s the performance of many musical bands, the Burgazzi Papa’s Band and the Nukes. During the days of the manifestation the town’s dance school performs with the kids of the schools, the juvenile community center and the Music school… there’s always a lot of amusement!


(Translated by Laura Fugazzi)


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