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Diffused in the area and particularly in our local festivals. The Burtleina has to be tasted with moderation, as it is not exactly a dish that can be considered part of a healthy diet. It gives the best of itself when it’s still hot, but if it is prepared by skilled hands it remains friable and dry even when it gets cold. It can be enjoyed alone or accompanied by Piacenza’s PDO Salumi (Coppa, Pancetta, Salami) and by soft cheeses. Bortellina’s origins are lost in the past, since it is realised with humble and simple ingredients, it could easily find place on the tables of the less wealthy people.


Prepare a smooth batter quenching the flour with some water in a bowl, (some add eggs, one every three hectograms of flour) add a little salt and leave it to rest for about half an hour. You can add to the batter some chopped small onions, mixing and pouring the whole – gradually – to allow the formation of small frittatas inside of a pan containing steaming lard, possibly fresh and a quality one; as the small frittatas are ready, they have to be put on a porous paper that consents the fat in excess’ absorption. The Bortellina has to be tasted preferably with some sparkling white wine.


(Translated by Laura Fugazzi)

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