Panzerotti Piacentini ENG - Comune di Carpaneto Piacentino (PC)

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In many houses during festive days they’re eaten, even with some company. To realise this dish, you’ll need some dedication that is definitely going to be repaid when you’ll make a great impression at the table.


Prepare a batter beating the eggs, add some salt, the flour little by little and the milk, while working with the mixer. With the obtained batter prepare some stuffed crepe using the apposite crepière or using a small pan previously greased with a piece of Pancetta, to avoid the adhesion to the pan. Prepare the filling working the Ricotta with Grana cheese, the egg yolk, salt, nutmeg and lastly the minced and boiled beet tops or asparagus. With the filling, cover every stuffed crepe, roll them up on itself in order to create some cannoli and then cut them in small pieces of about 4 cm. Put the obtained pieces in an oven pan putting them “standing”. Brown the onion on a low heat with butter, oil and spices, add the sausage with rosemary and proceed to the slow cooking of the sauce putting some salt and, if you have it, a small spoon of meat sauce. Dilute the sauce with broth. Before putting everything in the oven (230° for about 20 minutes), sprinkle the Panzerotti with béchamel or cooking cream, you can also use some ragu and finally serve in the same container in which you cooked them.


(Translated by Laura Fugazzi)

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