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During winter cold days is nice to taste, with little expense, the Polenta with pork rinds, “Puleinta e Graséi”, that is a savoury speciality of our area. This is a course as simple and humble as nourishing and gratifying. It is important to remember that it has been, for years, the staple food of the diet especially during wartime, when many ingredients were in short supply.


It is essential to use a very thick polenta obtained pouring corn flour in boiling water (previously salted) and to keep mixing it for about 45 minutes in clockwise direction. Prepare separate, on a low flame, a sofrito made with lard and minced onions; roughly cut into pieces the pork rinds and pour them inside the sofrito, after about 7-8 minutes it is possible to mix the whole with the Polenta and enjoy it. Furthermore, the left-over Polenta can be eaten the following day, cut into slices (of about a couple of centimetres), toasted on the grill or fried into a pan greased with lard and it’s still going to be an amazing dish to serve at your table.


(Translated by Laura Fugazzi)

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