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One of the examples of the ancient farmers’ cuisine is the Potato Pie, that is a dish so-called “recycled”. Usually it was used a quality of potatoes named “Quarantina”, called in this way for the short cycle of its growth. I remember Aunt Lina using ruined potatoes during the harvest for her cakes; the intact ones were kept for the autumn. The traditional version expected the addition of a sprinkle of sugar, that arrived in a second moment with the aim of making the cakes similar to a sweet one. A secret expedient used by grandmas was the one of covering, with wood boards, the cakes just taken out from the oven in order to avoid the crust to lift up from the filling.


Boil the chalky potatoes in salty water and reduce them in purée with a potato masher. In the meantime, brown briefly the lard in extra virgin olive oil with leek, garlic and onion. Flavour the potatoes while are still hot with some grated cheese, nutmeg, parsley and raw butter. 


(Translated by Laura Fugazzi)

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