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In our Province, especially in the Val D’Arda, the pumpkin Tortelli are one of the typical dishes. They have always been the typical first course to consume during the Christmas’ Eve dinner according to the religious precept that, on that day, forbids the meat consummation. It is believed that pumpkin Tortelli have Renaissance origins and that they were invented after the European conquest of the America and the affirmation of the cultivation of new vegetables coming from Central America. The aim of such preparation was obtaining a tasty and nourishing dish with humble ingredients.


After cleaning and cutting the pumpkin bake it in the oven, take away the pulp, sift it and put it inside a bowl with cheese, ricotta, a pinch of salt and nutmeg, amalgamate the whole and put the dough to rest. Separately prepare the pasta and pull a thin phyllo dough, on one row align some little balls of about 4 cm of distance between each other. As last bend the pasta above them and with a cutter make many Tortelli all over the length of the phyllo dough. Make the same operation until you finish the dough and the ingredients. When it’s ready use the traditional condiment that is composed by funded butter with sage, directly poured in the plate and with the addition of grated Grana cheese.


(Translated by Laura Fugazzi)

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