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The wine is obtained by grapes of the Malvasia variety of aromatic Candia for at least the 85% and by other similar grapes which are recommended or authorised by the Province. The grapes production can’t exceed the 13 tonnes per hectare and the maximum wine yield is the 70%. Its colour is straw yellow or pale straw yellow, has a characteristic intense aroma, dry flavour but also medium sweet and sweetish, aromatic, fresh and vibrant. When consumed, its alcoholic content is 10,5% by volume. The dry kind c goes well with starters, soups, white meats and fish. The sweetish version goes particularly well with sweet cheeses, while the sweet version goes perfectly with desserts. It has to be drunk when it is young at the temperature of 10° C for the dry kind and 7° C for the sweetish and the sweet ones. There also the Straw Wine typology, that presents pale yellow colour, an intense aromatic and characteristic scent, a soft and sweet flavour with a minimum alcoholic content of 14% by volume. It has to be served at the temperature of 11-12° C and goes well with dry pastries.


(Translated by Laura Fugazzi)



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