Monterosso Val D'Arda ENG - Comune di Carpaneto Piacentino (PC)

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It is obtained by Malvasia grapes of aromatic Candia, white Muscat, Trebbiano Romagnolo and Ortrugo, but in its production there might be also grapes coming from Berverdino and/or Sauvignon varieties, with a maximum production of 10 tonnes per hectare and a wine yield not superior to 70%. Monterosso is straw yellow coloured or golden, its scent is delicate and characteristic with dry, medium sweet, sweetish flavour. Two version of Monterosso are produced: a Spumante version and a Sparkling version. Its minimum alcoholic content is 11% by volume. The sweet kind goes well with fruit and sweets and the end of the meal, while the dry kind is more adapt with fish, starters, cured meats and dry soups. Serve at a temperature of about 10° C. The wine-making must happen only in the territory of grapes production.

Minimum total acidity: 5,0 g/l. Minimum dry extract: 16,0 g/l.


(Translated by Laura Fugazzi)


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