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The hamlet owes its notoriety to the noble family of the LANDIs who wrote an important chapter of history in this area.

In Cerreto, in addition to the Castle, there’s an important monument: a huge oak protected by the regional law n. 2/’77.


The first documents concerning the castle date back to 1385 and suggest Oberto Landi (from Ghibelline family) as unique owner of the Cerreto’s Castle.

The building maintains almost intact its original structure of a military camp articulated on a rectangular planimetry and reinforced on three sides by angular squared towers that protrude from the profile meanwhile the fourth, placed in the entrance, still shows the slots used for the drawbridge and the Pusterla’s cambers.

On the opposite front, it is possible to see a secondary entrance equipped with a small bridge in stonework built not many years ago.

In the middle of the inner courtyard are still visible the traces of an antique keep that existed in XVIII century and would have conferred to the castle a rather rare iconography in Padania.

The complex, embellished by a centuries-old park, conserves the antique perimetral moat intact. In front of the Castle rises an eighteenth-century oratory dedicated to St. Gaetano that is opened to the public in occasion of the Saint’s liturgical anniversary.

Another oratory existed inside the Castle but there are only traces of plaster and neo-classical frescos. The building currently functions as summery residence.


(Translated by Laura Fugazzi)

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